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The best way was obviously to throw a wine-and-cheese party, which I did, in my 8×10-foot room on the quiet floor of East Hall.

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If my relationship to liver paté was any indication, and I had recently eaten so much that I barfed, then my willpower was very bad, and I needed something stronger than resolve to prevent me from having intercourse too early in life. The opportunity never arose in high school, nor even during the first year of college, save for a near-miss with a stocky kid I knew who was home visiting New York City from the Air Force Academy—that encounter went far enough that I had to fish a mint-colored, never-used condom out from behind my dormitory bunk bed the next day.

I transferred to Oberlin my sophomore year, a small liberal arts school in Ohio that was known for having been the first college to admit both women and men, as well as for its polyamorous, bi-curious student body.

There she found Jonah on top of me doing what grownups do.

She understood the magnitude of the occasion and through her tears shouted, “Mazel tov!

Audrey’s roommate was now dating a kid who had tried to bake meth in the dorm kitchen, warranting an emergency visit from men in what looked to be space suits.

Before going out for the night, Audrey had left her roommate a note: “If you could please have quieter sex as we approach our midterms, I’d really appreciate it.” Her roommate’s response was to burn Audrey’s note, scatter the ashes across the bed and floor, and leave her own note: “U R a frigid bitch.

Jonah was “casually” invited in a group email that made me sound a lot more relaxed than I actually was.

And he came, and he stayed, even after the entire gang had packed up and gone.

He reminded me a little bit of that Air Force kid, who had rejected me in a saga too long to recount here.

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