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We had two breaks of 15 minutes before the lunch break.

After working a 12 hour shift I got tired but gained the energy for the next day.

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The most enjoyable part was the people you met during the time you're there.

Many days I wanted to go in and resign just because of the foolishness that went on.

The job made me realize the importance and large scale operation of the post office.

On a typical day I would either: sort mail, move full carts of mail from the conveyor belts, or load the mail onto specific conveyor belts.

Some diffuculties that I had was carrying alone more than 60 lbs boxes, still knew some techniques to complete the job.

I consider myself as a hard worker, responsable person who likes to work in teams and communicate to get the job done.

I don't believe "seasonal" means workers should be treated like they are working on a plantation. I learned how Priority packages are moved throughout the facility.

The hardest part of the job was lifting heavy packages out of the BMCs and being on your feet for so many hours.

I had excellent co-workers who worked their best and in team.

The best part of the job was having a responsible, motivating team who gave their best to accomplish the goals of each day.

A typical day at work started with verifying that every line and every box had placards.

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