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They tried to just ignore this, but it wont go away.

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Its most likely hubris on Clinton's part, because she thinks she'll get all their votes anyway and is trying to steal votes from the middle and Trump with her VP pick. Meaning he'll take being beaten on and fed not even scraps from the table, because she said so.

But I'd say a large part of it was also that dating was going to pick someone as far away from Sanders as possible almost purely out of spite for him. He caused her a headache during the primaries and she isnt the kind to let a grudge go. But also because she wont trust him to do her bidding, he might actually try to remove some of the corruption, and she cant have that.

But your dad will have to rua the cold slap of reality sometime. It's bizarre, he bitches about Immigration, bitches about the economy, and would in theory support Trump, but he supports her and Obama.

I think he just saw how "unpopular" Trump is on the news and fell right for the media trap.

Can Trump dismantle the Democrat Party and create a one-party state, made new with his ideals? Guest calls for resignations Hopefully there will scams a general Berniebro revolt there even if the BLM niggers and Soros' Hispanic thugs don't show up. But it will still keep in with my original statement that someone as corrupt here be put in place, and Sanders has shown hes corrupted and taking marching orders from the Clintons Its possible they'd put him in, but VERY unlikely.

The Dhimmicrats are a terrorist organization and will be banned under Dear Leader. He still hurt Clinton during the primary, and I guarantee she still hates him and is very bitter over this.

She needs someone who can manage the DNC and continue to Edating as she wills, but that she doesnt need to micromanage to ensure he stays on his leash.

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