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We are the largest global site in the fitness-dating category.” Fitness Singles caters to six major countries: USA, Canada, U. According to Mattioli, members often look beyond their time zone to find a match.

However, in your quest to find someone who understands and shares your passion for physical improvement, it only makes sense to narrow your focus to a site geared specifically to bodybuilders and fitness-minded people (see “Online Dating Resources”).

Imagine never having to explain to a date again why you religiously travel with a cooler stocked full of containers of food, why you wake up at ungodly hours for morning cardio or why you train to the point that it hurts.

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you probably already know what online dating is all about.

As a bodybuilder, however, you’re not like other guys out there in the dating pool.

Very soon, however, the evening takes a bit of a turn. I’m a bodybuilder.” The rest of the evening goes well, but as weeks pass and the two of you go on a few more dates, you soon realize your passion for bodybuilding — and her lack of interest in the sport — has become a deal breaker.

You think to yourself, Now this is a woman with second-date potential.

“The main feature that sets us apart from other bodybuilding dating sites is that there are so many members,” says Christopher Mattioli, CEO of Fitness Singles.

“Throughout all categories, we have close to 1.5 million members around the world.

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