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Annette Vaillancourt’s book uses the power of EFT in a way I resoundingly endorse!The tapping journey has come on a long way since the late TFT founder Dr.We again write the details down and tap them away or explore them further.

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The secret is that once you clear those barriers, you energetically align with your Soul Mate. She is also the author of How to Manifest Your Soul Mate with EFT: Relationship as a Spiritual Path.

After 24 years as a couple’s counselor in private practice, Annette turned her attention from trying to resurrect broken marriages to helping savvy, seasoned, successful singles manifest their Soul Mates with EFT.

Most of them took me up on the offer and most of those sent me the money.” Having recently retired from his investment business, Gary Craig was thinking that some kind of EFT consultancy would be a “fun activity” and since he didn't need the extra money he could do it for free.

EFT began to grow mainly from word-of-mouth advertising as people recommended it to each other, both in person and on newly formed Internet message boards.

After 18 months of conventional therapy with Callahan she would only reluctantly go near the edge of a swimming pool but no further stating she had “awful feelings in her stomach.” Callahan then had the brain wave to ask Mary to think of the fear whilst tapping under her eye, which according to ancient energy body maps is linked to the stomach.

Without any other treatment, Mary suddenly exclaimed "It's gone! I don't have those awful feelings in my stomach any more!

If you are weary of the disappointment, pain and frustration in the search for love, it’s time to try a fresh approach — Emotional Freedom Technique. You are successful, creative, self-actualizing and anxious to share all the love that you have with the right person.

You want more than just a warm body next to you, pleasant companionship or a date for Saturday night. You long for that Soul Mate who is committed to ‘growing in love’ with you, not just ‘falling in love’ with you.

The Go E does not offer TFT trainings because we believe that both Classic EFT and its successor Energy EFT offers a much more affordable and easy to learn way of practising tapping for self-help or in a professional setting.

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