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While the process is still ongoing, we are now in discussions with two potential partners.

The other risk is that there is a potential negative trial data report for Adamis, which could also cause the stock to tumble over 50% and vice versa.

Moreover, the lower pricing of Adamis’ medicines would reduce the profit margin, thus rendering the investment worthwhile.

In that case, the chances of the stock to crater over 60% are quite high.

Be that as it may, the odds are favorable that a deal will consummate within months.

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As alluded, the turn of event for Adamis is when the company disclosed that it is finalizing the negotiation between two potential marketing partners. D., “As reflected in our previous statements, since receiving FDA approval last year we have engaged in a confidential process with the goal to maximize the value of this asset, including seeking a commercial partner to launch Symjepi in the U. I know many investors have become frustrated with the time that this process has taken.

I too am frustrated that the process is taking longer than we initially expected.

We noted in the prior article that the main concern in Adamis is whether the launch can be successful if the company is “going at it alone.” The chances for a small bioscience to successfully launch a product are quite slim.

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