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When someone new approaches you, it is reasonable to shrug referencing your two PBRs, apologize, and patiently wait for your counterpart to drop their hand while you continue the conversation.Ask them about the weather and their thoughts on Climate Change.Where they expected—even demanded—courteousness and respect in their relationships, many of us have grown accustomed to a rising tide of crass and crude behavior in ours.

The truth is, “common decency” in our society is not so common anymore.

Social norms that our great-grandparents took for granted have been severely eroded in recent years by relentless changes in our collective values.

Taking up where Emily Post and Miss Manners left off, Diane Mapes counsels the dating-distressed on today’s new rules of courtship. From how to avoid dating a serial killer to what to do at a snuggle part, How to Date provides single men and women, gay and straight, with a step-by-step road map for navigating today’s romantic quicksand with humor, grace, and aplomb.

This smart, savvy etiquette guide addresses both nuts-and-bolts questions (Who asks? Diane Mapes’s humorous essays on pop culture, the single life, television, travel, naked sushi, and more have appeared in many publications, including Bust, Mental Floss, the Los Angeles Times, and The Washington Post.

If your sense of humor depends on racial slurs, religious insensitivity, or sexual innuendo, do yourself a favor and keep quiet. If you treat such people with dignity, then good for you.

If you are disrespectful, you should rethink your approach.Begin an agreeable conversation with a question such as, “Do you think that the Democratic Party is becoming too centrist and has chosen to abandon its values in a misguided attempt to regain control from the right, without realizing in doing so they’re forfeiting their base of progressive voters? ” Preemptive Fist Bump The cunning guest can anticipate when a handshake is about to be offered and forestall it with a fist bump.This gives the other the privilege of physical contact without the potential of infection.Take care not to expose your skin to the compromised fabric during removal, and handle the gloves delicately before returning them to your handshake glove satchel.Engage your counterpart in conversation by asking them, “How close do you think our country currently is to becoming a dystopia—or has it already? ) as well as the more puzzling aspects of modern romance (Do I really need to tell my new girlfriend that I had her investigated? Advice, behavioral examples, and dating horror stories are gleaned from a number of sources, including singles, psychologists, scholars, authors, etiquette experts, relationship coaches, and the most well-mannered people on earth, Southern women and gay men.

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