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The vertical method measures the length of the thrust off a high or low and projects the thrust to obtain a target.

The horizontal method measures the width of a congestion pattern and uses that to obtain a target.

Modern point and figure charts are drawn with Xs and Os where columns of Xs are rising prices and columns of Os are falling prices, although many traditionalists such as David Fuller and Louise Yamada still use the Xs only point method of plotting.

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Traders kept track of prices by writing them down in columns.

They noticed patterns in their price record and started referring to them first as ‘fluctuation charts’ and then as ‘figure charts’.

Because point and figure charts are plotted on squared paper, 45 degree lines may be used to define up trends and down trends from important highs and lows on the chart allowing objective analysis of trends.

Also in common usage are two methods of obtaining price targets from point and figure charts.

Point and figure (P&F) is a charting technique used in technical analysis.

Point and figure charting does not plot price against time as time-based charts do.

Any price change below this value is ignored so point and figure acts as a filter to filter out the smaller price changes.

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