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You asked me vere I vas from, und I zaid I vas porn und raized in Perlin!

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I understand, that if you do lose a match to an opponent, then you will have to sexually satisfy them in the ring, in front of the whole audience. However, as I said before, I am still going to have to test you. Mark: Well your English leaves a lot to be desired, but let's see how you do with the rest of your "oral skills". Von Titantanks, get on your knees and suck my dick.

But I got to test you first, I can't let you sign a contract until I test ya! That's why if anyone wants to participate against one of our female wrestlers, the reward for defeating them is so great. So again, just by looking at you, I want to reiterate that you could be a good fit for Boom Town. Mark stands up, leaning up against the front of his desk and pulls out his dick.

Perlin is a municipality that is a long ways away from Berlin!

Do you zink I don't understand zee zimble geograbhy of mein ovn country?!

” Sex scene 1 - Hotdogging Reference: Jb O1 Brittney: “Let’s start things off on a BIG note shall we? ” Sex scene 2 – Tit Fuck Reference: Ba Gloria: “Oh gross… But without a gang, and giving up her life of previous criminal activity, Tilda was in despair when it came to making money.

A year after Tilda had escaped from hell, she had resigned from the church as a Demon Hunter, and was back on the road once again. Blubbabut wants to broker a deal to get Longkok a reduced sentence. Furthermore, I myself will be in attendance to ‘keep the peace’.” Gloria: “*Sigh* …fine, but I don’t want to spend anymore time with her than I have to! Chi Longkok is just the tip of a much larger ice berg, babe! ” Gloria: “I’d rather have these giant whoppers than a huge, fat, jiggly ass! A: “Well, you better get used to it Gazongas, because I have to ask a favour of you. Very valuable intel that could put a stop to the entire heroin trade in this city! but I would really rather not work with that fat ass Blubbabut! A: “Don’t worry Gloria, the negotiations will be held in a third party office building, with security cameras everywhere. ” *** Cut to a behind view of Brittney walking down a hallway with her ass jiggling *** *** Cut to Gloria, Johnson and Brittney sitting around the table. A: “Ok ladies, I know you’ve had your differences in the past but we’re here to put this prick Longkok behind bars.” Gloria: “Let’s just do this, I want to get out of here… ” *** 2 Hours later *** Brittney: “Listen Gloria, my client has key intel on the ring leaders of this entire operation. Better not let them see the boner they’ve given me! neither has your pussy.” Gloria: “Listen here, you fat assed cow! You’re just still mad because I was offered an internship after college and you weren’t! You only got that internship because of your humungous juggs! And with her good looks and rocking body, she became rather popular in several night clubs and strip bars all throughout MNF Metropolis. Tilda thought it was such a cheap and sleazy establishment, that she wouldn't even waste her spit on it, much less give it the time of day to entertain there. So she tried earning some cash by being either by either being a gogo dancer, or by stripping. So when she heard about Boom Town's popularity, she decided to apply as a wrestler.

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