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The government continued to demonstrate serious and sustained efforts during the reporting period; therefore, Finland remained on Tier 1.

The government demonstrated serious and sustained efforts by developing and publishing a new national action plan for 2016-2017 and allocating funds for its implementation.

The government reported initiating 74 investigations of trafficking cases in 2016 (including at least 16 labor and 35 sex trafficking cases), compared with 32 cases in 2015 (including at least 19 labor and 12 sex trafficking cases).

The national rapporteur noted, however, the quality of investigations conducted throughout the country varied from region to region.

Experiences of trauma can again lead to the person repeating trauma by being violent himself,” she said.

Finland is not the only country in which migrants are over-represented in sex attack cases.

The most important educational objectives of sex education were, based on teachers’responses, to educate students to responsibility and to provide them correct facts.

Among boys sex education had much more important role in relation to their knowledge than among girls.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR FINLAND Vigorously investigate and prosecute sex and labor trafficking cases using the trafficking statute and impose sufficiently stringent sentences on convicted traffickers; develop and implement a national referral mechanism and train officials in its use to identify potential sex and labor trafficking victims proactively, especially children, and refer them to services to which they are legally entitled; offer all victims appropriate housing and specialized care and consistently notify them of available resources; increase the number of prosecutors, judges, and police that specialize in trafficking cases and consider creating specialized law enforcement units; train investigators, police, immigration officials, prosecutors, labor inspectors, and judges on applying the trafficking law and respecting victims’ rights; institute a formal witness protection program to encourage greater victim participation in the criminal justice process; increase efforts to reduce the demand for forced labor; and expand worker protection laws to include seasonal workers on commission.

PROSECUTION The government increased law enforcement efforts.

In Austria, migrants accounted for almost half of the sex attack suspects between 20.

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