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I'm not really sure how you solve this problem, or if sites like Co Founders Lab can solve the problem.

I've met up with a few people from these sites for drinks and coffee to bounce ideas around, but nothing really went further than that.

A common piece of advice is to just start working on a side project with someone and see where it goes.


Other Entrepreneurs – broader networking and a quora-like system for entrepreneurs to talk one-to-many.

There are many sites out there, such as Founder Dating, Founders Hook Up, Co Founders Lab, etc., that attempt to help solo startup founders find a co-founder. They are one of many available channels in a co-founder search.

A big space will include many people open to teaming up.

Some founders I know met this way.* You can start as a solo founder and if you're active about promotion (eg pitching/demoing at events), then you might stumble into someone who is free and interested in your particular space.

A lot of people who want to find a co-founder need some way to get started.

But you should expect that finding your co-founder will take months.

When you do, attend a hackathon or work on long project together to test for fit.* Maintain motivation - hard and the only thing that enables you to keep cycling through the possibilities.

I've been on Co Founders Lab and Founder Dating and there are some quality people on the sites but nothing meaningful ever materialized.

You need to keep talking to people and you'll find developers, business partners, mentors, etc. I've been on most founder match sites, including 2 of 3 OP mentioned (Founder Dating and Co Founders Lab) and found them to be useless.

I'm a generalist (business/techy/industrial design). They are inevitably full of people already working on something (thus not available to team up) and some consultants looking for clients.

You need a combination of wanting the same thing (to build a successful company) and being able to tolerate each other for the next few years, both through good and bad. I organized the silicon valley co-founders meetup for a while.

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