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“I don’t mean to single out the Navy here, I understand there was similar guidance from [the Office of the Secretary of Defense] across the services as well,” said Gallagher, a first-term Congressman and retired Marine who serves on the House Armed Services Committee.“But I cannot emphasize how catastrophic a mistake I think that is.” “Despite the old adage that ‘Loose lips sink ships,’ nonexistent strategic communications can sink entire navies,” he added.If Pentagon leaders are seeking someone to blame for their budget woes, they need not look across the frozen Potomac to Capitol Hill, lawmakers say.

Additionally, as of 20th June 2017 you can rent Bright Sparks… The two hour documentary profiles eight companies with interviews and commentary from; I Monster, Herb Deutsch, Michelle Moog-Koussa, Alan R Pearlman, Dennis P Colin, Peter Zinovieff, Ken Freeman, John Bradley, Fred Gardner, Alessandro Cortini, Daniel Miller, Will Gregory, Adrian Utley, Rick Smith, Karl Hyde, Billy Currie, Chris Cross and Dave Spiers.

As of 1st March payments can be made in US $s or UK £s.

For proof, I need only compare the occasional times I try to reconstruct conversations from shorthand notes with other interviews I’ve videotaped and transcribed. Like, not a lot of friends would do that, you know?

Our rambling conversations switch tense, switch gears, switch directions. And nothing rings less true – in fiction or nonfiction – than articulate dialogue.

When your story’s vehicle is video, you have little choice but to record every conversation you can. Like, I’ll never forget – actually, my mom passed away in 2012. In a typical back-and-forth conversation, the subject makes a statement and then measures its impact.

A one-hour documentary usually involves 60 or more hours of taped images and sound. On the screen, I see eyebrows rise or fall, eyes narrow or widen, heads nod or shake.As you might guess, literal transcriptions don’t necessarily make compelling dialogue. And, frankly, they’re usually more interesting to read.Every journalist cleans up quotes, like, you know, those quotes littered with “you know” or “like.” Speakers who, when given the chance – and by chance, I’m reminded of a time when I was at the racetrack – who endlessly digress – which reminds me of another time…. More problematic are attempts to sanitize the speaker’s grammar. I’ve now reached a point where I prefer, whenever possible, to record all my interviews on video, even when quotes are headed for print instead of broadcast.But Gallagher said that by throttling back the stream of information, the Navy and other services haven’t cut off adversaries — only the American public.Constituents who don’t hear about grounded jets and colliding ships can’t write letters, clog voicemails, and visit congressional offices.“And oh, by the way, our adversaries probably have a decent idea of what we’re up to anyway.” The lack of transparency isn’t limited to the Navy.

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