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Facebook was initially incorporated as a Florida LLC.

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He examined a history of failed logins to see if any of the Crimson members have ever entered an incorrect password into The

In the cases in which they had failed to log in, Mark tried to use them to access the Crimson members' Harvard email accounts, and he was successful in accessing two of them.

Developed by Mark Zuckerberg, he wrote the software for the Facemash website when he was in his second year of college.

The website was set up as a type of "hot or not" game for Harvard students.

The three complained to the Crimson, and the newspaper began an investigation.

Zuckerberg knew about the investigation so he used The to find members in the site who identified themselves as members of the Crimson.In the end, three Crimson members filed a lawsuit against Zuckerberg which was later settled.Zuckerberg was soon joined in the promotion of the site by Eduardo Saverin (business aspects), Dustin Moskovitz (programmer), Andrew Mc Collum (graphic artist), and Chris Hughes.Facebook was then opened on September 26, 2006 to everyone aged 13 and older with a valid e-mail address.Late in 2007, Facebook had 100,000 business pages, allowing companies to attract potential customers and tell about themselves. federal court against Facebook weeks before the scheduled Facebook initial public offering.the benefits are many." Zuckerberg also stated his intention to create a universal website that can connect people around the university.

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