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According to the special education teacher, Alfonzo kicked open the front door, flew down the hall into his classroom and dove into his seat.When confronted, he went back out, gently opened the door, walked to the classroom and sat in his seat.

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The nunchuck cord is too short for my wingspan and I can’t use a wireless nunchuck with the Motion Plus accessory.

The sensor bar and Wii speak have to be finely adjusted for maximum response.

These sensory inputs provide great potential for interactive media experiences.

I have bought and used many game peripherals that seemed promising but turned out to be “horripherals” or “pooripherals.” I haven’t decided which term to use yet.

As therapists are able to integrate music, art and movement into their therapeutic skill sets, video games should be seen as an evolutionary tool for multisensory engagement and behavior change.

Originally published over at In Defense of Mental Wellness My hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills have never been stellar and I have been sorely challenged by games that interest me but I have struggled with the interface.

The picture that Alfonzo drew is but one example of creative expression that has sent many school kids to psychiatric facilities around the globe.

Too often, it is misinterpreted as a precursor to violence or a cry for help.

I was called to an area elementary school to perform a psychiatric screening on a 12 year old male threatening to harm the school staff.

I was familiar with Alfonzo (not his real name) as a current client that I have screened and worked with over several years.

Being an avid gamer, I knew he was describing the zombies from Valve’s Left 4 Dead series.

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