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I’m serious – Short-E will show you all the secrets of being able to scratch including how to develop ‘deliberate practice’.

Another thing that the package provides is access to a bunch of like minded people, people that wanna learn how to scratch.

Short-E ain’t no dope – she’s mad good on the cuts!!

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Connect with other Scratch DJs in the Discussion Forums.

Share your progress and tips and be inspired on your scratch journey!

Your TTM video and animation just made it clear to me in less than 3 min. DJ Danny Dred – USA In my opinion, there are two ingredients needed to get good on the cut: #1 Serious dedication to put lots of time into scratching. Short-e has put together a wickedly well layed out, clear and functional school to get you the information on scratching you are looking for. The question and answers section is an excellent way to practice your kutz!!

I highly recommend this school of scratch for those starting out, seeking inspiration or wanting a positive and friendly tutor to help with all your scratch needs. Kitty Kutz – New Zealand If you want to learn how to Scratch… Short-E breaks everything down very simply and easily and covers just about everything you need to know – from setting up your equipment, what records to buy and of course, fully explaining the scratch techniques.

V) In the School of Scratch, Short-E has designed a comprehensive and accessible forum for learning how to scratch and learn about all things related to scratch.

The course is designed for people that want to use vinyl and/or controllers.

Whilst there is no shortcut to this process, what makes all the difference is having the scratch techniques and ways to practice them .

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