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We agreed to live a more vanilla life and it was a good life.Little did I know what was going on behind the scenes.

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"So if you really are a pain slut as you claim to be I'd be willing to take you on as well," she said as if she was doing me a huge favor. I was called upon to worship the feet of my new mistress as they dangled off the side of the bed.

"I'd be willing to take you on for a one month trial to see if you are worthy of my attention," she offered. Abbie was kneeling between her thighs licking her delicious pussy while I did my best to rub, lick and suck her wonderful feet.

Abbie looked down at the ground and as she fought back tears she was able to say: "I"m so sorry Ci Ci. Miss Chelsea has captured my heart and soul though and I am more like you than you know." Chelsea interrupted Abs and piped up: "Fact is that Abbie is now my sub but there's still something in it for you. I washed my hands and quickly took my place next to the bed.

I need a slave to handle the abuse that I have lurking inside me and Abbie is just not up to what I need," she stated matter of factly. They had already stripped their clothes off and were hot and heavy into the heavy petting and kissing which would lead to several hours of love making between two of the most beautiful women I believed to exist.

I had to pull it open carefully with my fingers and she was moaning at my attempts to lick her inner walls of her anus.

After about another hour Chelsea decided to reward her sub with her own oral talents.Abbie and I had moved across state so that I could take a job in my field.She transferred restaurants and we both had settled into our new life together.She was now working many nights which was opposite of my daytime shifts. She was easily one of the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my life.Often Abbie would go over to Chelsea's place after work to wind down with some drink and perhaps some smoke. Don't get me wrong, I believe that Abbie is beautiful and I would die for her as my love for her is the greatest love I have ever known in my life.Abbie did her best to make it up to me on her nights off and I was satisfied just knowing that she was still the love of my life.

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