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Coyne says the program is open to almost all sex offenders who are near the end of their sentences; only those who still maintain their innocence, or are appealing their conviction, are ineligible.

The goal, after all, is to make the participants accountable for their past behaviors, he says.

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Whatever it is, we always have that choice."Conner is not one to mince words.

Ask him about his criminal past, and he gives it straight up: "I was the worst of the worst. And I’ve done the evilest things you can do to a person.""In my immature mind, the violence was always the answer. "You don’t like what anybody says, punch them in the mouth.A man soon broke in, raped the woman and killed her. "But it got me to understand and appreciate that we cannot continue to victimize people.Conner, who had been locked up for seven life sentences — including one for a rape conviction — says listening to the recording was "torture." "It hit me really hard. I cried profusely," he said."Empathy was not in my vocabulary. Simply because we’re angry or because somebody did the same thing to us is no excuse. That, right there, was an eye opener."Since 1988, the program has treated more than 800 sex offenders like Conner, setting them on a path to a crime-free life at a remarkable rate: Just 20 of its “graduates” have returned to prison for a new sex crime."Unlike in some other states, we do not treat sex offenders as if they have a mental health disease."So, if you’re an incest offender, you should have your own group.If you’re a predatory child molester, we want you in your own group."To me, if there are things that we could do to help people better their lives and benefit the community in the long run, then we should be doing everything we possibly can.

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