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Any private Dispute of mine shall be of no ill consequence to my Friends. She was considered the greatest 18th century soprano entrancing audiences throughout Italy and much of the rest of Europe. A great disturbance happened at the opera fist fights emerged in the house and extended to the two sopranos on stage.You must continue to act under his Direction, for the moment we break loose from him, our Gang is ruin’d (33) Mrs. Peachum, after so long an Acquaintance, might have trusted me as well as Jenny Diver. The used vulgar words but were both hired back again the following season. It was said that her body amplified her professional gifts.

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Things Said About Robin (6) alias Gorgon, alias Bluff Bob, alias Carbuncle, alias Bob Booty (7) Mrs. (23) I hate Greediness (25) to Macheath about his courage We have all been Witnesses of it (25) My Honour and Truth to the Gang? Crook-Finger’d Jack– sensitive, activist for equality and social justice (trans) Skillful, engaging presence of mind (6) A Year and a half in the Service (6) Peachum don’t know a more skillful Fellow (6) Peachum thinks he is A mighty clean-handed Fellow!

Peachum’s favorite costumer tough arrogant and dangerous (7) he spends his Life among Women (25) will shoot peachum in the head for macheath Matt– next in line to Robin. (16) Peachum says There is not a Fellow that is cleverer in his way, and saves more Goods out of the Fire than Jack Harry– a bully.

During one steamy night in June 1727, their personal and professional rivalry exploded into a fight on the stage of the King’s Theatre, in Haymarket, in front of the Princess of Wales. (28) Macheath says I’m yours, I always lov’d Women of Wit and Spirit; they make charming Mistresses, but plaguy Wives (33) have made a private Bargain with you and Suky Tawdry for betraying the Captain (28) Macheath says thou art a dear artful Hypocrite (28) Macheath says as careless and genteel as ever Betty Doxy– hard drinker. She deals in clothing- renting them to prostitutes to pass as high class ladies of society. (52) nobody knows Macheath better than Diana Trapes Mrs Coaxer– She is in direct competition with Jenny Diver. Is a shoplifter (28) Macheath says You look charmingly to-day (39) Peachum says charges Lockit with defrauding her of her Information-Money, for the apprehending of curl-pated Hugh (40) Mrs. Peachum tells pollly she thinks that macheath is pretty man (13) Mrs.

The two women reportedly tore off each other’s ‘coiffs’ and hurled abusive insults in Italian before being escorted from the stage.” is much like the on stage fight we see in thr beggars opera a direct resemblance to the dueling divas Based on Text Information (36) Have you no Bowels, no Tenderness, my dear Lucy, to see a Husband in these Circumstances? One of Filch’s lovers (acts as a “double agent” going into Team Polly’s turf) Diana Trapes- leader of the gang. Coaxer charges Lockit of defrauding her of her Information-Money, for the apprehending of curl-pated Hugh. Peachum tells polly that he is a highwayman (15) Macheath is worth money (16) Mrs. (31) Jenny says ‘Tis not convenient, Sir, to shew my Fondness among so many Rivals about Macheath (36) Lucy wants to see him tortured (36) Lucy says Insinuating Monster! too drunk to stand, also serves as the Jailor in Lockit’s jail.

(36) macheaths says The very first Opportunity, my Dear, (have but Patience) you shall be my Wife in whatever manner you please (36) Macheath says Lucy, you can’t be such a Fool as to be jealous of Polly (37) I long to be made an honest Woman (40) Lockit says You have then been whimpering and fondling, like a Spaniel, over the Fellow that hath abus’d you. ‘Tis not in my Power to obey you, and hate him (40) Learn to bear your Husband’s Death like a reasonable Woman (50) Peachum says what signifies catching the Bird, if your Daughter Lucy will set open the Door of the Cage (53) Jealousy, Rage, Love and Fear are at once tearing me to pieces (61) Lucy likes seeing Macheath in distress (61) Macheath tell her to go to the west indies and marry to make a good life for herself (61) says she will hang with Macheath too These are Lockit’s BAR girls who work for him (see pg 48 in script) Molly Brazen– leader of this gang. Peachum knows that macheath is worth money (26) Make Peachum believe I have quitted the Gang, which I can never do but with Life (26) Macheath loves the sex (27) I must have Women. And so you think I know nothing of the Affair of Miss Polly Peachum.–I could tear thy Eyes out! Betty Sly (5) she has brought more goods in than any five of the gang (5) Peachum will save her from transportation in the west indies (5) brought more Goods this year than any five of the Gang Harry Paddington?? Dolly (28) Macheath says kiss me, you Sluts; are you as amorous as ever, Hussies?

(37) I know the Consequence of having two wives at a time (37) Lucy says you are only to be hang’d, and so get rid of them both (40) Lockit says about Macheath There is no saving him (42) Macheath is a unfortunate rascal (42) must disown Polly (42) Lucy says to Macheath Hadst thou been hang’d five Months ago, I had been happy (43) Lucy says about Macheath I could even inform against thee with Pleasure (46) I am naturally compassionate (47) Lucy says about Macheath he hath been a most barbarous Villain to me. However, I promise, you will not be disappointed if you commit to the story. Everyone keeps saying the economy is back to normal, people on the news, teachers at school, and my friend’s parents.Whatever, all I know is my dad has been unemployed for over a year now and it isn’t for a lack of trying.(38) Lockit says Learn to be more guarded, I beg you. Text Information Polly Peachum is Macheath’s wife, and the lovesick daughter of Peachum and Mrs. Throughout the play, her devotion to Macheath never wavers. Peachum thinks she may only allow the Captain liberties in the view of interests.Tries not to pay attention to Macheaths othe lovers, she just loves him. Polly is cursed in love by always pleasing her man.Are you looking for a Bay Guardian story that was published before 2015? The print and online articles from the Bay Guardian newspaper and from 1966–2014 are back online at the Bay Guardian archives, and you can search the archive at this link.

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