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As an elementary student I had crushes on my teachers.In high school I lusted after my girlfriends' mothers; fantasizing about them while I was screwing their daughters.

My fall had knocked it about and I tried to straighten it a bit, enjoying the feel of the soft cotton.

"Meet me at the door," I hollered, leaning out the window.

I landed on her side with a thump and tried the sliding door. "Locked," I hollered, "I'll try the windows." Pulling a patio chair over, I tried both windows and was happy to find the far one unlocked.

I pushed it open and leaned in to determine the likelihood of my being able to get completely in.

She didn't want to take her medicine." "Where's your cat now?

" I asked, unlocking my door and trying to peek into her robe unnoticed.

"It might be," she said, brightening, "Can you get to it?

" "No problem," I assured her, stepping out onto the balcony.

She was squatting on the metal box wearing a colorful silk robe.

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