Free video chat no credit card or sign up

So a big thank you to everyone and a bigger thank you to you HB for your outstanding service!

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Your service is exceptional.”“HB ……was just sitting here enjoying some lunch and reading thru the posts.

Got to say this: I am knocked out by your dedication HB to this site and community of traders.

There’s a variety of reasons why None does not appear as an option, ranging from subscriptions to outstanding debts and payments due to Apple and its i Tunes and App Stores.

If you’re unable to get None as an option, check out our detailed article on why and steps you take to get this option.

In any event, you are one of my heroes in life.”“Day after day, month after month, no matter the overall condition of the market, folks can be assured the trades that HB presents and analyzes are the best and most timely the market has to offer. What's more, many of the ideas Harry presents are prescient and made available to the Tech Trader tribe often weeks before they are discussed on Cramer or mentioned in IBD.

AS BK can attest, there is nobody better in the Game”“This is the best site/chat group I have been in. ‎In the 3 or 4 months I have been a subscriber, I have made enough money from your picks to only last me another 240 months.”“As validation of the great traders in this room and the expertise of HB's guidance.

If using the Apple ID website, None is NOT payment option. Write down your Email and the password that you want to use with the Apple ID.

Make sure that the password is strong enough; use Capital words, Numeric and special characters to make a perfect ID.

I still remember around 2004 using your service and I believe you had a ca$h register sound when you were calling a trade.

I'm hoping you can continue for another 10 years or so with some good market calls etc.

You put in SO MUCH WORK both during the session, before, and after.

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