Gay dating oxford

Some ex-gays advocate entering (or remaining) in a heterosexual marriage as part of the process.

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It is believed that Mr Mulvain, who lives in East London, escaped punishment because he was given authorisation to send the memo by a more senior civil servant, who has since been 'transferred to other duties'.

However, the shock e-mail threatened to plunge the Pope's state visit into jeopardy with 'dark forces' within the Foreign Office casting a shadow over the trip, Vatican officials declared yesterday.

An Oxford graduate who sent a 'seriously offensive' email suggesting the Pope should open an abortion clinic ahead of the pontiff's visit to Britain will keep his job in the civil service, it emerged today.

Steven Mulvain, 23, who once listed 'drinking a lot' as a hobby, emailed the document, which also included the suggestion of launching a range of 'Benedict' condoms, to Downing Street and three Whitehall departments.

Other ideas floated included getting the Pope to spend the night in a council flat in Bradford and performing forward rolls with children to promote healthy living.

A senior Vatican source said: 'There are clearly dark forces within the British Government.

However in Britain, which one would expect to see as a tolerant and democratic country, the climate is very different.' Senior Papal aides suggested the Foreign Office had not taken strong enough action against those responsible for the memo, with no one losing their job.

One highly placed Vatican source said: 'This could have severe repercussions.

The ex-gay movement consists of people and organizations that encourage people to refrain from entering or pursuing same-sex relationships, to eliminate homosexual desires, to develop heterosexual desires, or to enter into a heterosexual relationship.

The ex-gay movement relies on the involvement of individuals who formerly identified as gay, lesbian, or bisexual but no longer do; these individuals may either claim that they have eliminated their attraction to the same sex altogether or simply that they abstain from acting on such attraction.

It insisted the document was drawn up by a small group of 'three or four junior staff' in a team working on the papal visit.

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