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The ultra-rich founder of Crocs shoes was SO DRUNK when he was arrested for DUI this weekend, he told cops to "f*ck" themselves "in the ass" ... cops in Boulder, CO responded to a call about a man who was passed out in front of his 2010 Porsche Panamera Saturday night.

and delusionally insisted he was dating Taylor Swift ... When officers arrived to the scene, medics were already treating the man ...

When asked for his address, George reportedly replied, "I have 17 f*cking homes."As cops decided to arrest George for DUI, the man allegedly told cops he "knew his f*cking rights" ...

Boulder, Colo., police responded Saturday to a call about a man who was "drunk as crap" and passed out in front of his 2010 Porsche Panamera.

The man, 51-year-old Boedecker, told officials he just pulled over to take a nap ... And that she's "batsh*t crazy." Asked about the girlfriend, George told police she's a really f*%king famous” singer ...

“Boedecker began to immediately complain that this was ridiculous, and couldn’t believe we were doing this after all he had done for this city,” the police report read. Results of a blood test police gave him to determine his blood-alcohol content could take weeks to be processed. 18 of Hollywood’s Outrageous Entertainment Lawsuits Crocs have a history of being mocked on Twitter, and that trend continued after the news of Boedecker’s arrest hit.

Crocs, meanwhile, issued a statement distancing itself from its co-founder.

Now one of the company’s co-founders is being accused of a much more serious crime, driving under the influence, and he’s got quite the creative excuse.

When confronted by police after allegedly being found intoxicated and sleeping in his car, 51-year-old George Boedecker Jr.

"George Boedecker has not been a member of the company’s management team since 2005 and resigned from the board of directors in 2006,” spokeswoman Katy Lachky’s statement read.

Crocs founder George Boedecker is changing his tune after his crazy DUI arrest last year -- finally admitting he was wasted at the time ...

and when cops decided to arrest him, Boedecker told the officers to "f**k yourselves in the ass."According to the report, Boedecker also claimed he was dating Taylor Swift.

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