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JR had a business cell phone number in the Miami area during that period, which he used while performing his research there.

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Great expectations dating boca raton

After tracking her down again by having to call repeatedly, day after day, JR explained to her, very amicably, that he didn't mind her and her corporation holding on to the money, but if it took any longer to receive his refund check, then he was going to have to ask for at least 4% interest. During the entire time of JR's refund requests, a period of about a year or so, she kept JR's profile on their computer system for ladies to look at, and would constantly try to set him up with another one of the ladies. Each time Nina offered, JR thankfully declined the opportunities, explaining to the zealous Nina that he's in no condition to even consider dating.

He said it jovially, and Nina laughed with him and said that she was sorry, but that it was the corporation's fault for not writing the check. Eventually, a refund check was issued to JR, dated September 22, 2003, in the sum of $1644.00.

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It wasn't until June 4, 2003 that JR received a formal letter from the corporation, asking him once again to resend some documents, and they included an explanation of the balance due to him from their perspective.

JR resent documents again, this time via a fax machine for confirmation. Emery, who then seemed much more interested in interviewing potential clients than in helping him.

At that time, JR was living in Palm Beach County, Florida, and taking care of his grandmother, who had just come out of the hospital. E.), and the closest office they had to where he was living at the time was in Boca Raton, Florida.

On July 15, 2002, I accompanied him to the Great Expectations office in Boca Raton, where he signed a membership contract with Great Expectations for a sum of ,190, which we paid using both my credit card and his.

So she and the management, including Mitchell David Brandt, the owner of Great Expectations, and Michael S.

Levine, co-owner of Great Expectations, stopped payment on JR's refund check.

So JR provided her and her company with the documentation they required, which was a driver's license, phone records in his name, and a copy of his lease in Leon County. At that point, it became hard for JR to get a hold of Nina Emery.

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