Has aaron eckhart dating online dating albuquerque

One minute despair, then sunshine, then you’re levelled off.’ Did he have personal experience of loss on which to draw? That was on and off for 18 months, and finally off at the end of last year. And if so, might that explain why she doesn’t exist? ‘I believe if you contextualise something then it will manifest in your life. It absolutely works and it’s not hocus-pocus.’ Perhaps it works better with inanimate objects and jobs.‘I believe everything in life has a spiritual component and everything's fair game.

He admits to needing help and Nicole’s character is the opposite. ’ In a super sunny Los Angeles hotel room a year after making the film, Eckhart seems to be able to darken instantly. I know it’s not your child.’ He looks guilty for almost comparing his dog to a child, so I reassure him that when my dog died I was also very upset. Perhaps he’s thinking it’s the right time for a wife?

If two people have lost their child you are not two as one any more, and there’s the question of physical intimacy: are we going to have more children? ‘There are definite stages of grief, but no chronology. It can be 5, 4, 2, all mixed up and unpredictable like the English weather. His most recent girlfriend was the actress Molly Sims.

Aaron Eckhart has a jaw so square it’s almost cartoon handsome. He is lean, athletic and wearing a navy suit that was handmade in Italy. In Thank You For Not Smoking he was glaringly amoral as a lobbyist defending the rights of smokers with a smile that he says was inspired by Tony Blair.

In Neil La Bute’s In the Company of Men he was an arrogant and angry marketing executive who flirted with, seduced and cruelly dumped a deaf secretary as part of a plan hatched with his brutal friends just to prove he could.

He tells me about the songs he used to write in his bedroom as a teenager. ‘Song-writing used to be my life but I got hurt by it.

I believe I’m a good song-writer, but other people don’t share that.

When he played opposite Gwyneth Paltrow in Possession and Catherine Zeta-Jones in No Reservations, tabloids had them linked in real life. He’s just good, incredibly good, at acting intimacy.

When you watch him with Nicole Kidman, with whom he stars in the intense but quirky new film Rabbit Hole, they have both an ease and unease with each other.

Today, he says he has a ‘great’ relationship with his family: ‘Both brothers live in Los Angeles and my parents down the road. I did not go to AA.’ Indeed, you wouldn’t expect him to be the all sharing type. I’ve outgrown it, plus all my friends are married and have kids.

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