Head shots for internet dating

I cover all of South Wales including Swansea, Newport, Neath, Pontypridd, Cwmbran, Abergavenny, Blackwood and Penarth.

A head shot or headshot is the new and modern name for what was called portrait photography.

She looks so gorgeous in it and it really captures her. If you have a photograph that shows off your features and connects to the viewer as much as this one, then obviously do put it first.

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You should come away from it feeling confident and optimistic that Mr or Miss Right is just around the corner…

Although I have now relocated to Caerphilly near Cardiff, I am still taking online dating profile photography bookings in London and Bristol.

If you’re serious about meeting someone, remember that they will see you in the flesh eventually.

Being honest upfront ensures that there will be no unexpected surprises later on. A smile goes a long way and it is the job of the professional photographer to ensure you look your relaxed and confident best.

You could have the shoot near to your home so that you could easily drop them back there and carry on without. If you love the great outdoors, then have your dating photography session in the countryside as it will reflect you better.

Whatever your age, there is someone out there for you.There are people looking for love and friendship all over the Internet from age 18 to 70 and beyond.Whoever you are at whatever age, there is someone looking for someone just like you.It’s also a good idea to have one photo doing an activity that interests you (see 6, below).Statistically, dating photos with the most clicking action are those in the landscape orientation and that show at least some of the body.Extreme close-ups suggest something to hide as do wide angled, far away shots.

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