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On , shortly before Mexican Independence on 27 September the same year, Xalapa was attacked by the forces of Don Antonio López de Santa Anna.Together with Don Joaquin Leño, he forced Spanish captain Juan Horbregoso to surrender the town.

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Around 1313, the four villages grew together and joined, forming one large village named Xallapan.

Moctezuma Ilhuicamina, the fifth Aztec emperor, invaded the territory during the second half of the 15th century.

US forces marched on to capture Mexico City and departed after the Treaty of Guadaloupe Hidalgo.

In November 1862 Xalapa was attacked in the French invasion; foreigners temporarily took control of the state capital.

This extinct volcano received its name because the Aztecs used it as the fifth reference mountain to get to the gulf of Mexico's shores. During the 14th century, four indigenous peoples settled in the territory today known as Xalapa.

Each built a small village: Xalitic (in the sand) was founded by the Totonacas; Techacapan (river of waste) was founded by the Chichimecas; in the northeast Tecuanapan (river of the beasts) was founded by the Toltecas, and Tlalnecapan was founded by the Teochichimecas.When the Spanish arrived, Xalapa was barely populated.The population rose after the conquest and colonial settlement.Due to the abundance of flowers growing in the region, Alexander von Humboldt, who visited the town on 10 February 1804, christened it the "city of the flowers".Since the beginning of the 19th century, Xalapa has been the scene of some important historical events. Ideas flowed freely in the town, and Xalapa was represented by many who put forward these ideas to those in Mexico City government meetings.All the land was ruled as part of the Aztec Empire before the arrival and conquest of the Spanish conquistadores.

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