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During the study time, they were also exposed continuously to a slightly unpleasant odor, which was intended to be an associational cue.Forty minutes later, the volunteers were asked to learn a second, slightly different set of card pairs.

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The others were exposed to the same material late, just before the night's sleep.

When subjects were told they would be tested later, they were more likely to remember if they had slept immediately after the learning.

For 20 minutes during the break after the first study session, the odor cue was presented with the intent of helping to reactivate the memory of the first session.

The awake group got the odor cue for 20 minutes just before starting the second learning session, while the sleep group got the odor cue dur-ing the last 20 minutes of the nap (dreaming did not occur, because it normally requires more than 40 minutes of sleep to start appearing).

In this study, memory was reactivated in both wakefulness and sleep by the odor cue.

Yet, the memorization processes that apparently persisted during sleep made the original memories more resistant to disruption.When both groups were tested for recall of the first set of cards, the sleep group remembered much better (85% correct versus 60% for the awake group).The explana-tion begins with the knowledge that when temporary memories (as for the first card set) are recalled, they are vulnerable to being destroyed by new mental activity (as with the second card set).The researchers knew about the extensive evidence that in wakefulness, new situations and stimuli can readily prevent new memories from consolidating.This is even true when learned material is recalled, because at that point the memory has to be reconsolidated and is therefore again vulnerable.By the time of the second interfering task some 40 minutes later, much of the initial learning had gelled during sleep, but less so during wakefulness.

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