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When the player upgraded the level of a trait, the trait became more prominent in the Sim's lifestyle.

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Career Points helped further careers leading to promotions.

After each promotion players received a special object only acquirable through a career.

To advance in their given career players were required to submit appointments for various jobs.

After the given appointment time the player could send their Sim to work and earn Simoleons and Career Points.

Developing higher level skill levels allowed Sims to obtain new objects.

Sims developed skills when the player interacted with an art object (such as easel or computer when level 30), a music object (such as a guitar or keyboard when level 10), a cooking object (such as a microwave, a coffee maker when level 10, or a stove when level 15), or a writing object (such as a computer or typewriter when level 10).The Ninja trait was useful if the player had a larger house.In the Insane trait, Sims could reduce the need of being social and could talk to plants without visiting people (in previous versions, talking to plants also eliminated the energy needed to fulfill Social).For example, a level 4 Insane trait let the sim talk to themselves to fulfil Fun and Social need without eliminating energy.Certain career traits, like Art Virtuoso, provided the benefit of earning more Simoleons while using the respective skill object.), there is a clock and progress bar, but no goals.

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