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But the fact is iyogi is governed by a strict code of ethics solving technical queries of users and not ripping off unsuspecting clients!Check their website where iyogi scam alerts are helping customers save their machine and data.

There are all sorts of scams floating around on the Internet.

Some of them have been around since the early days of the Internet-most of these were crude attempts at extorting money from gullible users-but with the passage of time, these Internet crooks have refined their techniques into a fine art.

Reading the entire guff around this tech support scam I came across iyogi scam, while checking how iyogi work and reading there press releases they have categorically denied any involvement in scams clearly stating Third - just remember there’s a big no around you always, whenever you are doing any transaction over phone or online using your credit card, bank account or social security information, always check – ask whether the line is secured or not? Fourth - If you think you’ve been ripped off, inform your bank and the local police immediately. The best one can do is by keeping a tab on scams happening around updating yourself and broadening your understanding of scams can be a gift.

From the Nigerian 419-the most well-known of the lot, to fraud, such as Internet dating scams, fake antivirus scams, and in one case, even something as bizarre as a fake voice scam, in which a man disguised his voice as a woman to dupe the gullible.

We wage a constant battle against scammers trying to abuse our site and users.

Having said that - we have sophisticated software that can track returning problem users coming in from the same IP address.

I totally agree remote tech support has been a boon to the customers.

It saves times and money and the problems are resolved in shortest possible time.

There is no dearth of fraudsters and scam artists who beguile people with fake company names leading to fraudulent scams.

Take the opportunity to learn to make the distinction between genuine and fake company names.

If you would like to assist another member in buying an air-ticket, book and buy the flight in an office in the country you live and make sure it is refundable to only you.

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