Interoffice dating statistics

"We kept it quiet for a while," Boyer says of his courtship, "because you don't know whether that relationship will work out or not.

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You could be hindering a great relationship with that kind of policy.

‘Tis the season for toasts and traditions, presents and parties, secret Santa’s and sexual harassment, lawyers and lawsuits. As much as we all love a good party, they create increased risks of liability for employers.

Without question, planning ahead and limiting alcohol consumption are two key ways to celebrate the season—without getting sued.

As you might expect, the most common liability issues arise from serving alcohol at the office party.

While Boyer and his wife did not take their relationship public at the workplace for a while, once they told friends around the office, most people already had suspicions.

Boyer says that his company has not had a problem with an office relationship turning ugly, which he cited is possibly because these employees are adults and have perhaps discussed the possibility of a breakup, like he and his wife did.

The types of claims generally stem from the misdeeds of intoxicated employees and are pursued under a number of legal avenues such as workers’ compensation laws, sexual harassment laws, premise owner liability, and general negligence.” Questions for employers to consider include: 1.

Can our company be held responsible for automobile accidents caused by intoxicated employees on their way home? Are injuries to intoxicated employees at the holiday party covered under Kentucky’s worker’s compensation laws? Can our company be held liable for inappropriate behavior, including claims of sexual harassment, even when the party is held after work hours?

We were dating for six months before disclosing." While most involved coworkers choose to remain discreet like Boyer and his wife, on-the-job hanky panky is more common than you might think.

According to the Vault survey, 23 percent of people have actually engaged in romantic behavior at the office (although only 3 percent admit to being caught).

Santa is not the only one looking to see who’s been naughty or nice this year.

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