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i am a 35 year old professional individual who have never been married or with any kid before.

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I am a fun loving, nature loving, sports loving person who looks deep in life and its meanings.

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One of the things I didn’t know back then was just how much social pressure women in Asia face when it comes to dating foreign guys.

Of course, this doesn’t hold true for every Asian country but, in Korea specifically, women face a lot of pressure from their society, not to mention their friends and family, when it comes to dating a foreigner.

If your girl is keeping you away from her friends and family, don’t take it too badly.

Instead of getting mad, look at her situation and consider how you can make it easier for her.

They can see her behaviour as very disrespectful to Korea, or even just think she’s a slut.

In one article, I read that had been translated from Korean, commenters were referring to women who dated foreign guys as prostitutes.As I was watching my chicken get dumped into a takeout box behind the counter, one of the guys started bitching about how his girl never invited him out with her friends, and never let him meet her family. If you’re going to date a local in a foreign country, you have to realize that the way things work in the West is not always how they work in other countries.A lot of the customs and behaviours guys expect from girls are shattered when they date women from other cultures.The whole western notion of interracial dating being okay just doesn’t apply in many parts of Asia.When a woman dates a foreign guy in Korea she can be seen and treated harshly by many other Koreans.To me, coming from the West, meeting a girl’s friends and spending time in her group is part of the dating experience.

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