Intimidating work colleague

They all shared the toys and were looking out for one another.

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Regina told me that the children with HIV/AIDS are also monitored and given the supplement Sibusiso for extra vitamins to ensure that they are not at even more of a disadvantage.

The next under-six centre that we visited was Lapani, a rural school so far from ‘civilisation’ that I wondered how Mary’s Meals had ever found them, but once again the monitors seemed very clued up about the children and their circumstances.

These children were all under the age of six and despite their circumstances they appeared to be doing very well – I believe because of the work of Mary’s Meals.

Whilst the children had been singing and dancing, the volunteers had been cooking the likuni phala (preparing this porridge took a long time).

I was overwhelmed by the children’s excitement at the smallest of gestures.

I met a little boy who had the most beautiful smile and I gave him a tennis ball to play with.

They insisted that without Mary’s Meals, children’s futures would be a lot less certain and that the under 6 centres allow the children to play, feed, learn and interact.

If there were no feeding projects, the children would have no structure, routine or normality in their lives.

At such a young age, child development can only occur with the nutrients and vitamins that food like Mary’s Meals delivers.

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