Invalidating a design patent

We did not have much time in hand and the need of the hour was swift action.

At that moment, it struck us that a good place to look would be publications by universities.

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We consulted another agency before and they found nothing, and we really wanted to take another chance.

With less than four days to the filing date, we got in touch with Grey B and that was the best decision we ever made.

So if infringement is proved, how to get away without getting your products banned from being imported into the US? Yes, invalidating a patent could put an end to all your woes.

Paying royalties is one thing, getting a cease and desist letter is another. When you’re faced with ITC litigations and there is a lot to lose, the best bet would be to find available prior art for asserted patent and prove the patent invalid.

We at Grey B have a lot of expertise in the area and have worked on multiple ITC section 337 patent infringement cases, assisting the defendants.

Below present are three such instances where we conducted validity searches using unconventional strategies to find prior art for patents in question.

A Strategy You Must Explore: How to Invalidate a Patent with Mathematical Expression At another time, we were contacted to perform an invalidation search on a patent having a priority date of 1996, related to audio/video monitoring system and involved communication between two devices over the internet through a ‘remote intermediate apparatus’.

Though prior-art was abundant on the concept of ‘video monitoring systems over the internet’, the problem was none of them explicitly mentioned the ‘remote intermediate apparatus’.

With increased interconnectivity among technologies and millions of patents in existence surrounding these technologies, it has become difficult to innovate without having infringed on at least one patent.

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