Is kelly monaco dating her dancing with the stars partner Slagel xxx

When the show was canceled, she was cast as private investigator Samantha Mc Call, a new role, on In 2006 Monaco co-hosted the 33rd Daytime Emmy Awards, and in 2009, Donald Trump asked her to be a judge for the Miss USA pageant.That same year, she starred in the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood burlesque act Monaco dated her childhood sweetheart Michael Gonzalez for 18 years, and they broke up in 2009.From the regular social media postings by Cheryl featuring Kelly, it seems far more likely that Kelly is single right now, playing the field, not in a committed relationship, and not with Billy Miller. Even if Billy and Kelly are dating you would never know it.

is kelly monaco dating her dancing with the stars partner-36

If Ke Mo and Billy were a thing, she would have been with him ringing in the New Year romantically, right?

Instead, Kelly was with her BFF Cheryl Burke celebrating.

Kelly insists the two are just friends so maybe they are – or maybe they dated and it fizzled out fast and they’re in the friend zone now.

If Kelly had a boyfriend, wouldn’t she be with him ringing in the New Year instead of with her BFF and other pals from “Dancing with the Stars”?

When asked about what he would pick as his relationship status on Facebook, Val says, Don’t look for Val to find that in his latest DWTS partner, Disney star Zendaya Coleman, considering that he is 26 years old and she’s still only 16. Of course, they also have the skills to back up their fans’ adoration, and we’ll get to see them in action as this season of Dancing with the Stars continues.

However, Val dishes to Teen Scene about their DWTS partnership, which is one of the biggest pairings of this season, considering Val’s popularity and fame in the dance world, and Zendaya’s Disney stardom. The professional dancer said he thinks the two have really connected, because they both understand and support each other in being the underdog.Chmerkovskiy mentioned that he came into the season, feeling “irrelevant on the show,” living in the shadow of his older brother and fellow pro, Maksim.Val first talks about his rehearsal sessions with Zendaya, saying, “No, I think all the pressure is off. at their final practice, Chmerkovskiy denied the rumors by quickly responding, “No,” then claiming they are in a “four-month relationship.” But then the trainer appeared to talk around his own words when they were asked if they’re “exclusive or going steady,” saying, “Of course, we’re exclusive, this is the only person I’ve seen, literally, the last four months, honestly, I eat breathe, sleep, poop, Kelly Monaco [and] .Val and magazine interviewer Christine Montanti va, Val's run with Elizabeth Berkley on DWTS Season 17, his clothing line Datkng, his brother Maksim Chmerkovskiy ’s DWTS experience, and his own dating status. About Val Chmerkovskiy is a 31 year old Ukrainian Dancer.

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