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Katherine Jenkins had a long term "engagement" with very gay (closeted mainly due to his asshole disapproving father) tv host Gethin Jones in England.They very publically "broke up" just before her season of Dancing with the Stars and the show tried to use that to summon up sympathy for her. I've met both Derek and Mark and it's impossible to tell if they're gay or not.

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The talented 27-year-old has been dogged by gay rumors for years despite having a string of girlfriends.

And although it’s been reported that he is dating “DWTS” contestant and opera singer Katherine Jenkins, she was nowhere in sight when Derek showed up at Jam, a gay club in his hometown, on July 21, a source confided.“I’m a big fan of Derek’s, and I always thought or HOPED he was gay,” Jam regular Ken lee told The Enquirer.

For better or worse, Derek Hough is a pretty fantastic dancer with an amazingly ripped body.

That much is obvious, but there’s always been something quite ambiguous about Derek, which is that he has acquired the reputation for wooing the ladies, but there might be something else there, you know?

He even generously gave the TV Guy the money for the payoff. I believe it could be Brian Fortuna, who lives in Los Angeles now - at Blind Gossip.com, one of the commenters said he figured out it was Brian by the clue "dominoes" but I'm not sure I get that.

It could also be Apolo Ohno, who was helped by Derek on a dance with Julianne, even before Derek was a regular dancer on the show.

He didn't tell me if he was a top or bottom or anything like that, so I don't have much to add to this outside of the fact that he's at the very least occasionally bisexual. And if he is, his Mormonism and the fact he's clearly insecure about being called gay for so long highlights he won't be coming out anytime soon.

My friend also told me to never release details about his contacts, so luckily this website is mostly anonymous. It seems as though today celebrities have to agree to every request, reasonable or not, lest they be labeled "rude". I don't know if I believe him, personally, but he did say Derek Hough's name specifically.

So he got hold of some very compromising photos of the TV Guy with his Boyfriend (who has also appeared on the same show), and told TV Guy that he was going to send them to the tabloids. He turned to a good pal of his, Rich Guy, for advice and help. He knows that if one of these fake relationships was disclosed, they could all come tumbling down like dominoes.

Rich Guy – who is more high profile, on more television shows, and has more money than everyone else in this blind combined – said that the best way to keep TV Girl’s real boyfriend quiet was to offer him some hush money. TV Girl: Maria Menounos TV Guy: Derek Hough TV Guy’s Boyfriend: Mark Ballas Rich Guy: Ryan Seacrest TV Guy’s Sister: Julianne Hough I know Derek's boyfriend is not Mark Ballas.

There was some blind item the other day about a big gay celebrity bearding with someone whose brother was also gay though not as famous. That's what's hilarious and sad sometimes about people and celebrities.

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