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Amelia Lowe Amelia was an early favorite on Season 9.

Her retro style earned her some choice highlights in the Vegas episodes and things only got better from there.

Koine & Marko: Contemporary – Mandy and Elizabeth This was a difficult routine to learn with the props but they mastered it for the live show.

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Also, Mia Michaels will be back next week…so exciting.

Lex & Gaby: Samba – Sasha Farber What a fun Samba from Sasha…I’m going to miss him as a pro this season on DWTS.

Brandy and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy were on the top of the scoreboard consistently — they scored the second highest points of all the teams overall — and yet, they didn’t even make it to the finals.

Brandy was sent home instead of Bristol Palin just before the final round.

So if I heard Cat correctly we have two more shows left this season the performance finale and the finale.

The voted this week and next week will help determine the winner.However, fan favorite Amelia was eliminated in Week 4’s shocking quadruple elimination.Yes, it was the judges who ultimately sent Amelia home, but it was America’s (lack of) votes that put her in the bottom. Jesse Campbell Jesse’s elimination from Season 2 of remains the show’s most controversial move.Don’t let your presidential candidate of choice follow in their footsteps! The show’s producers clearly saw the error of their ways, however, because they brought Allison back as an All-Star for Seasons 7, 8, and 9.Jennifer Hudson JHud may be an Oscar- and Grammy-winning artist now, but back in the day she was the girl that didn’t win ‘s third season, Hudson sailed into the Top 10, and after the Top 9 performances earned the most votes. Brandy Norwood Brandy’s experience as a performer without a doubt helped propel her to the top of ‘ 11th season, but that doesn’t mean a win was guaranteed.First off let me start of my saying that I live in Georgia and we were definitely feeling the effects of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irma.

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