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Istill have several copies of band box # 103 which i got in a purchase from a western slope juker a year or so ago. Terri Hale – Granddaughter of Victoria – contacted us with additional biographical information.

Band Box Records began in the early 1950’s as “Columbine” records. Terri tells us: “Her name is Aurelia Victoria, but she did go by Vicky.

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Then sometime in the early 1960,s it was apparently off to the 5136 West 41st Ave new home to Band Box until it’s demise around 1970 or 1971.

The image below was sent to me by Lisa Wheeler – Blog author for the site “North of Pueblo“.

“Hello, i’m the former owner of the collectors records stores in co springs in the early 80s and i have seen many band box records.

the 45s with a zip code were pressed in the early 70s, don’t know if they were legit reissues or not but i had heard they were. Giuseppe’s twist was recorded for Giuseppe’s cellar in col springs, the owner offered me a box of about a hundred of the 45 in the early 80s and i turned them down as i had several copies already and they didn’t sell. Pasca (Aurelia Victoria – maiden name) who later became Vicky Morosan.

Entombment, Mount Olivet Cemetery.” Colorado record collector Rick Price sent me this scan of a Band Box record mailer.

Rick also reports having seen some Band Box 78 rpm pressings at some point!Dave Barhite of the Saints and Larry Higgins of Freddie and the Hitch-Hikers both remember Vicky fondly.Dave recalls, “Before the studio was obtained on 41st Avenue, we spent many hours over at her house in Lakewood.She said that she could not remember if he came up with the name (Band Box) or my Grandmother or if it was a collaboration of efforts.” Further to Clifford Mitchell is local artist and radio executive Dick Dedrick (Band Box LP 1018 “Animal Tales & Tunes”) account of Cliff: “I was a friend of Cliff Mitchell. His graphic design would win a Grammy for campiest labels if there was such a thing (category).He was the artist for Channel 2 when I worked there in the 50’s. In the early days Cliff was Lawrence Welk’s ‘manager’, of sorts.The Band Box logo was first registered on January 8th, 1963.

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