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The star is so busy in her work that Katheryn has not made out time for dates or relationship. Who knows, maybe Winnick is secretly dating someone or is in a relationship with. Winnick started her career in the film industry giving her first outbreak in "Biohazardous." Winnick has starred in numerous television shows such as in 2009.

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Nevertheless, she is similar to the character she plays in her real life, totally fearless.

Also see: Vikings Star Katheryn Winnick aka Lagertha Knows How to Flaunt in Bikini and Bare Body - Facts and Photos "Katheryn Winnick is regarded as one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood.

In the revealing chat, the 39-year-old said she relished the friendship, explaining that it makes her job easier.

The actress added that it hasn't always been the case that she's gotten along so well with her co-workers, which has been problematic in the past.'We have a strong bond, which really helps when you're acting.

The season will mark the return of Jonathan Rhys Meyers but Australian heartthrob Travis Fimmel has previously confirmed his character Ragnar will not be back.

Winnick is grabbing the headlines with her flawless charm, however, it seems she doesn't reveal much about her personal life.

In fact, Kathryn explained sharing a closeness can sometimes have the opposite effect.'I often think love and hate are the same thing in a weird way.

If you have a strong emotion you can flip it but at the end of the day, we laugh, cry and then leave it on set and go for a Guinness together,' she said.

Check it out: The couple waited at the Sunset Tower Hotel valet stand before driving off to Katheryn's white Porsche.

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