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That’ll present a real challenge to our justice system and to our way of life.'' While there is considerable concern as to the constitutionality of infringing civil liberties in the name of security, Kozinski states that he doesn’t see an inherent conflict.

''I don’t think the government has gone nearly as far as the Constitution would allow it,'' he says.

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''What you have to do is look at the governmental action and judge it against the situation presented at the time, including the exigencies of the situation,'' he explains.

''And then you have to determine, in retrospect, whether what the government did was constitutional or it wasn’t.

''There are few other places in the world—where if you came from the outside as a complete stranger—where you would have as good a chance as anybody here.

That’s an unusual thing, and it’s pretty much unique to the United States.'' But Kozinski is quick to point out that being given a chance to succeed is only the first step to success.

They beat down the door.'' Kozinski says that the decision to become a judge was motivated mostly by opportunity. The administration at the time was appointing judges, and you don’t always have a chance to get an appointment, so that seemed to be my time.'' He does admit that his clerkships influenced him.

''I clerked, so it was always in the back of my mind. Circuit Court of Appeals, asked an ethics panel of the court to initiate proceedings after the disclosure about his trove of sexually explicit material.Kozinski, 57, left court Wednesday without comment after suspending the trial of Ira Isaacs, who is charged with obscenity for selling movies depicting bestiality and fetishes involving feces and urination.Citing the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Kozinski says, ''If it [terrorism] becomes a more constant threat, we’re going to see some real challenges to our perceptions of an open society and our civil liberties.We have a very open society, and government does not go nearly as far as it could in restricting personal freedoms,'' he says.What you make of it depends on how hard you try—and what you do and how dedicated you are to it.'' With the nation currently focusing on Supreme Court nominations, questions about the influence of politics on the legal process are flying fast and furious. It has always been political.'' He continues, ''It’s a political process done by the President, who selects people in part for political reasons, and they are confirmed by the Senate, who also have some political ideological reasons, to a large extent.

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