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It'll help you better understand breastfeeding and how your breasts prepare, adapt and aid your baby feed efficiently.Breast Growth Your breasts will start to grow as early as weeks after you become pregnant and might continue to get larger throughout your pregnancy, typically going up one or two cup sizes.

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(For more information on how your breasts will change in size, check out our Fitting Room) Sore Breasts Breast and nipple tenderness is often the first sign of pregnancy.

Sometimes compared to the swollen, sensitive breasts you might have right before your period starts, the tenderness is caused by hormonal changes that increase blood flow and affect breast tissue.

A little colostrum goes a long way in a newborn's tiny stomach.

It's what your baby drinks from your breasts during her first few days of life, before your "mature" milk comes in at around Day 3 post-birth.

Prolactin When estrogen and progesterone levels drop after birth, prolactin kicks in.

Called "the mothering hormone," it allows your breasts to begin making milk on an ongoing basis.

And yes, let-downs can happen when you're not breastfeeding too.

Sometimes just the sight or thought of your baby can trigger milk flow. Milk ducts Each breast has ductal structures, which are the holding tanks for your milk.

About 2 or 3 days after you give birth, your mature milk comes in.

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