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My main research interests include glacial and Quaternary geology, paleoclimatology, and geomorphology.

I apply cosmogenic nuclide techniques to develop reconstructions of long-term glacier and ice-sheet change in the Arctic with the hopes of better understanding the sensitivity of the Arctic cryosphere to climate variability.

The leading technique to realize this is the application of terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide.

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Performance of CRONUS-P – a pyroxene reference material for helium isotope analysis. Schimmelpfennig, I; Schaefer, J M; Akçar, N; Koffman, T; Ivy-Ochs, S; Schwartz, R; Finkel, R C; Zimmerman, S; Schlüchter, C; 2014.

A locally calibrated, late glacial 10Be production rate from a low-latitude, high-altitude site in the Peruvian Andes. Schaefer, J M; Winckler, G; Blard, P H; Balco, G; Shuster, D L; Friedrich, R; Jull, A J T; Wieler, R; Schluechter, C;, in press.

Rapid Thinning of Pine Island Glacier in the Early Holocene. Kelly, M A; Lowell, T V; Applegate, P J; Phillips, F M; Schaefer, J M; Smith, C A; Kim, H; Leonard, K C; Hudson, A M; in press.

Warming and glacier recession in the Rakaia valley, Southern Alps of New Zealand, during Heinrich Stadial 1.

In addition, I am interested in the method development for cosmogenic nuclide techniques.

I have conducted field work in Greenland, Baffin Island, Bhutan, Alaska and central Colorado.

Younger Dryas deglaciation of Scotland driven by warming summers.

Pyroxene separation by HF leaching and its impact on helium surface-exposure dating.

My main research interests include Quaternary and glacial geology, paleoclimatology, ice sheet dynamics, limnogeology, and using cosmogenic surface exposure dating to obtain chronologies for glacial and ice sheet fluctuations in South America, New Zealand, Arctic Canada, and Alaska.

I have worked in eastern Maine, Arctic Canada, South America, and in New Zealand.

36Cl production rate from K-spallation in the European Alps (Chironico landslide, Switzerland) Journal of Quaternary Science, 29, 407-413.

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