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Mispronunciations can be traced to adding letters or syllables that are not there, to subtracting letters or syllables that are there, to pronouncing the vowel sounds incorrectly, and to putting stress on the wrong syllable or syllables.The vowels, A, E, I, O, and U (and sometimes W and Y), and diphthongs have a wide range of sounds, which can vary slightly or greatly from country to country or even within a region or a city.acrostic*, bas-relief*, Coele-Syria*, Epiphanes*, exegesis*, gregale*, hieroglyphic*, Koine*, liturgy*, Masada*, Nero*, ossuary*, patriarch*, sarcophagus*, Tertullian*, Tobit*, Xerxes*.

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REFERENCE column: The REFERENCE heading in this chart usually includes at least one reference to illustrate usage for each word, either from the Bible if it is a Bible word, or from another publication if it is not a Bible word.

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This pronunciation chart is an ongoing project and will be updated with new words from time to time.NOTE (25 July 2009): has dropped the American Heritage Dictionary reference work that had the audio pronunciations to which many links on this page pointed.Please excuse the expired links to those audio pronunciations until I replace them.Unless otherwise indicated, the scriptures are from the but in one or more other Bible versions, the abbreviation for those versions is included.(See References below.) The numbers enclosed within parentheses following a scriptural reference refer to the numbers from numbers can be accessed online.Abagtha, Abarim, Abda, Abdeel, Abdi, Abdiel, Abdon, Abel Beth Maacah/Abel-beth-maacah, Abel Keramim/Abel-keramim/Abelkeramim, Abel-maim, Abel Shittim/Abel-shittim/Abelshittim, Abi Albon/Abi-Albon/Abi-albon/Abialbon, Abiasaph, Abida/Abidah, Abidan, Abiel, Abijah, Abijam, Abihud, Abishur, Abital, abrogation*, Achbor, Amel-Marduk*, Amil-Marduk*, Amorite, Asahiah, Asaiah, Astarte, Azekah, collop(s), despot, Gath, Gergesite, Girgashite, Girgasite, Hazar-addar, Massah Amminadab, Ammonite, Benjamin, Benjaminite, Benjamite, booty, Cherethites, Ephrath, Ephrathite, Hezron, hierarch*, homoousian*, homoousios*, Jeshua, Judah, Maktesh, Mithredath, Mithridates, Moab, Moabite, Moabitess, Ram/ram Assalam ‘alaikum*/as-salaam alaikum*, Beeri, Beltane*, Bethshan/Beth-shan/Beth Shan, Bethshean/Beth-shean/Beth Shean, consubstantiation*, eponymous*, Ethiopic*, eulogy, Geez*/Ge'ez*/Ge‘ez*, Marrano*/Marranos*, Meroitic*, paean*, Saba, sabachthani, sacrilegious, sadhe*, Sadoc, Sakti*, Salem, Salma, Sallai, Scythia*, Secundus, sedheq*, Lucius Septimius Severus*, Shama, Sheba, sickle, Sidrach, Walpurgis Night*.

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