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If the particular wholesaler does not offer credit cards for purchase, it’s off to the bank to make a wire transfer.

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Purchasing The Pallet – Once you have decided on a pallet, it’s just a matter of making the actual purchase.

A lot of wholesale liquidators accept credit card payments for order under $2,500.00, so the actual purchase simply involves whipping out Ye ‘ole plastic.

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After reviewing websites and calling each wholesale liquidator, I’ve settled on two pallets for our first purchase.

Now that we have our two pallets…part one of our three part Craigslist liquidation series comes to an end.

Without a manifest you’re laying some heavy chips on the table, but in the liquidation industry risk is a part of the potential reward.

If you’ve read our Guide, you will recall a chapter all about the inherent risks of liquidation purchasing….it’s not for the weak or faint of heart.

When looking for a specific category of merchandise to resell, in my experience, it’s best to purchase items you are comfortable with, and potentially have some knowledge about.

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