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I have seen this time and time again with myself and my other female clients, and those who follow Fat Loss Detour.

Most recently my Mom started to train for push/pull meets (the total of the bench press and deadlift).

They factor in workout frequency, time of day you're more apt to work out, and what types of exercise you prefer. But best of all, your schedules won't collide, so you'll actually have time to see one another.

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ATLETO is an app that matches you with like-minded athletes based on where you live, your skill level, how often you play, and more so you can find new friends (or more-than-friends) to play soccer, flag football, kickball, and practically any other sport with. The app lets you discover who you've crossed paths with or continuously cross paths with, then lets you reach out and connect.

It's a social networking forum that coincidentally can group you with the perfect match. On every profile, you can see the number of times you've come close to another user.

It never fails; anytime I train women and get them to pull a heavy triple on the deadlift (after building up to that level, of course), they absolutely love it.

Something just seems to click in their minds when they rip a heavy weight off the floor.

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A female bodybuilder with 'zero per cent body fat' has caused a debate over whether she is healthy after showing off her ripped physique in the gym.

The woman, who has not been named, filmed herself striking a series of poses to display her muscly figure - including her washboard abs.

Unfortunately women are still taught to believe that they can’t get strong, and that they should only lift tiny dumbbells coated in pretty pink or other pastel colors.

They are taught to believe that if they lift anything heavier than 10 pounds that they will become muscle-bound beasty freaks.

Sweatt is a dating app that allows users to answer questions about their fitness regimen, then matches them with men or women who have similar lifestyle, fitness, and wellness preferences.

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