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She then suddenly grabs Otani and gives him a quick kiss on the lips. Koizumi thinks nothing will change anyway between her and Otani and says “I give up.” New opening theme: “Hey! Poor Koizumi still confused about Otani and feels reall angry that he can’t remember the supposed “kiss.” It appears Otani really doesn’t remember the kiss at all since he really fainted from his high fever.This surprises Otani, asking her what that was all about. This makes it even worse for Koizumi since her first kiss resulted from fainting. This episode is a bit on the emotional side especially during the latter part, when Otani and Koizumi are in the classroom.

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Koizumi goes on rambling about him forgetting the kiss and yells “give me back my first kiss! While walking around the school, Nobu, Chiharu and Koizumi meet a cool new guy who grabs Koizumi’s heart. Back in class, she is still going on about how great the new guy is, referring to him as “Cain-sama”. It turns out that the cool guy they met earlier is their new assistant homeroom and English teacher, Maitake-sensei or Maity for short. Koizumi volunteers herself and Otani to be class reps.

” Otani genuinely doesn’t remember anything about it, tries to call the emergency number 119 since he thinks she is hallucinating. Nakano-sensei notes that they are the famous “Hanshin-Kyojin” in school.

Koizumi complains to Nobu that it’s mean for Otani to skip out on her on their duty as class rep.

She learns from Nobu that Otani is the basketball team captain now and is working real hard.

then says he noticed a piece of rice stuck in her hair and decided to take it off.

This immediately pisses off Koizumi again, mistaking the “kiss” for a piece of rice. There’s also a new opening sequence to boot with new clips from upcoming episodes. It often comes off like a facade, a ploy to get us to see their latest romcom space blockbuster, or to make us feel like we “get” them while they are singing with James Corden driving around the CBS lot. It’s en vogue for celebrities to be “just like us” with their everyday eccentricities; “weirdness” has begun to feel false.I think the story is getting more interesting now that Maity sensei is here. Risa is 172 cm tall and thin and has light red hair and brown eyes. She is smitten over Cain-sama, the character in the game, and is still not over the fact that Otani can’t remember the supposed “kiss. Koizumi is still pissed off that Otani forgot the “kiss.” Nobu informs her they are all in the same class again.

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