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If the computer system crashes in the middle of a transaction, the transaction processing system guarantees that all operations in any uncommitted transactions are cancelled. For example, if the customer mentioned in the example above has 0 in his savings account and attempts to transfer 0 to a different person while at the same time moving 0 to the checking account, only one of them can succeed.However, forcing transactions to be processed sequentially is inefficient.If all operations of a transaction are completed successfully, the transaction is committed by the system, and all changes to the database are made permanent; the transaction cannot be rolled back once this is done.

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Each transaction must succeed or fail as a complete unit; it can never be only partially complete.

For example, when you purchase a book from an online bookstore, you exchange money (in the form of credit) for a book.

Transactions ensure that data-oriented resources are not permanently updated unless all operations within the transactional unit complete successfully.

By combining a set of related operations into a unit that either completely succeeds or completely fails, one can simplify error recovery and make one's application more reliable.

Since most, though not necessarily all, transaction processing today is interactive the term is often treated as synonymous with online transaction processing.

Transaction processing is designed to maintain a system's Integrity (typically a database or some modern filesystems) in a known, consistent state, by ensuring that interdependent operations on the system are either all completed successfully or all canceled successfully.

It documents the common usage details for those HRESULT values, Win32 error codes, and NTSTATUS ...

MSDN: The Windows Error Codes document is a companion reference to the MCPP protocol specifications.

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