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Mandy Musgrave: Compared to the first season, I can actually watch myself and be proud of it, and the characters are much more developed.

They all kind of do their own thing, and you get to see that there isn't just a good side to everyone, or a bad side. You get to see a tougher and more vulnerable side of Ashley. had a sibling come into your life who has never been there, and she starts living with you." Is there hope for Ashley and Kyla to ever be friends? That is one thing about siblings when you are blood-related, you have no other choice but to get along. That was probably my favorite because I like challenges.

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, Ashley (played by Mandy Musgrave) has already had to cope with the death of her rock-star father, watch her girlfriend get beaten up as part of an anti-gay hate crime, and cope with the surprise appearance of her illegitimate half-sister (who, on top of it all, is suddenly interested in Ashley's ex-boyfriend). caught up with Mandy, who, despite a killer sore throat, dished about what else is in store for Ashley and Spencer. What do you think of the season so far?

We get to see the soft, gentle side of the normally tough Ashley. Did you know where they were going with Ashley when you signed on last year? This is a whole new world, and I knew it would affect a lot of teens. There is a part of me that wants to write back and shove it in their faces, like, "Glad I have so much power. I love kissing Gaby, so I'm going to have to say Gaby.

Musgrave: Yeah, she's actually a really good girlfriend. Every once and a while, I get letters or e-mails from people who say, "You are turning America's teens gay." That's ridiculous, people aren't like that. Thanks." But have you gotten any response from gay fans? I only get one [negative response] for every 400 or so e-mails. She has those full, lovely lips, and she's an adorable girl. Maybe he's been kissing Gaby and been able to improve?

But the part of my job that I consistently enjoyed the most was recording’s N-Sider Podcast every week with The-Mary.

During an exceptionally boring stretch in the summer of 2006, I decided I needed something new to do, so I IMed Mary and told her that I thought we should start a podcast.

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Lesbian teen romances on television rarely last beyond sweeps week, so the fact that the one between Ashley and girlfriend Spencer (co-star Gabrielle Christian) has become such a focal point of the program is remarkable indeed.

It is challenging because I think of things in the past, or how I'd feel if father were to die. But it is the most amazing thing that could have happened for the character, because now you can see who she really is.

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