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CAST Robert Englund (Wishmaster) Lisa Wilcox (Watchers Reborn) Danny Hassel (The China Lake Murders) Brooke Theiss (Little Nikita) Andras Jones (Far From Home) Tuesday Knight (The Fan) Toy Newkirk (Living Single) Rodney Eastman (Mobsters) Ken Sagoes (Project X) Nicholas Mele (Impulse) Brooke Bundy (Mannix) Some time has passed since the events of the previous film, Kristen, Kincaid and Joey have been released from Westin Hills and are living lives as normal teenagers.

Rick starts to believe her, but the following day he has a martial arts inspired dream and is killed when Freddy cheats in one-on-one combat.

With each death, Alice begins to change, gaining the abilities and personalities of her lost friends.

Dan’s injuries in the dream prompt his surgeons to wake him up, leaving Alice alone to face Freddy.

He has the upperhand due to his experience, but she proves resilient, using her friends’ dream powers against him.

Months later, Dan and Alice have begun dating, and as they approach a fountain, Dan tosses a coin in.

For a moment, Alice sees Freddy’s reflection in the water, but she ignores it.Taking her advice on dreaming, Kristen tries to dream of someplace fun, but Freddy invades and forces Kristen back to his home.Being the last of the Elm Street children, Freddy goads Kristen into calling on one of her friends, so that his fun can begin anew.Keeping Alice and Dan in a time loop, he stalks Debbie, transforms her into a cockroach, and crushes her in a roach motel.With Debbie’s temper, Alice tries to ram Freddy but collides with a tree in reality.Later, Alice falls asleep during class and inadvertently brings Sheila into her dream.

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