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From petty, immature games like varying text response times, skipping the promised call or not showing up on time to more grave and serious behavioral patterns like leaving your friend’s party midway, without notice or flipping out at the mere mention of some more involvement, when you were talking ‘love’ the previous moment, are all signs that may make you want to reconsider the dynamic betwixt you. The sex syndrome Mixed signals from men also come from a desire for the ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement.Try and probe matters to uncover the reasons behind such a treatment. Guys would like to have all the perks of a relationship minus the emotional commitment.Time is your best bet here, you can give it some reasonable amount of time and effort to see if he can slay his fears to pave the path to a consistent present and a stable future with you! The tip for ladies who know this is one of the reasons he doles out those mixed signals, to give him his space.

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If it stems from some deep-rooted fears, the fact that he has been through the ringer before or simply that he wants to be 100% sure first, respect that and give him considerable time. So he keeps checking to see how far you are willing to tread the intimacy path without popping the question he wants to dodge!

My advice in the situation would be to hop in the sack, only if you aren’t going to regret it later.

By switching of the game every now and then, you’d have him pinned to the same place you are in, and boy, would it get interesting!

After all, you’d find out if he will try or you can turn your attention toward another, worthy of it!

You do not yet know if this person is really into you, so keep those demands off the table and recognize the emotional tug-of-war that can happen if you burst out.

The more you push, the more he’d retract and pull away.

Most of the signals in this category seem to be of the male ego-bolstering kind – ones that make him believe that when he deploys a conscious plan to attract her and is also able to keep her hanging by the thread, he is actually playing her own game against her, and nailing it.

However, this deliberate move, more often than not, results in unnecessary complications.

Don’t understand why that amazing evening ended with an out-of-the-blue remark that made you wonder where you stood with him? Unsure why he seems to act insanely jealous one moment and then, play it cool when you flirt it up with other guys just to make something of his confusing behavior? Afraid he’s keeping you ‘on the line’ as a time filler until the right tick of time brings him his Ms. Or terrified that takes it as a given that you’d invest in him whilst he can get away without much effort? Mixed signals from a guy are commonplace – an art at which guys are top dog! They are the undisputed kings of creating confusion and can’t seem to undo the blurred lines between flitty and flirty.

And if you are dating one such guy sending mixed signals and REALLY like him, do not despair.

All is not lost (although it’d do well to chip in the disclaimer that there are good odds he may not be into you!

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