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They are very similar as they all belong to the same groups.

After eating, you can head to a bar for more drinks.

After the death of his father, Charles Gates considers running away from his family's past of treasure hunting.

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The original National Treasure film centers on the Gates family legend of a fantastic treasure trove of artifacts and gold, hidden by the Founding Fathers of the United States, and the attempts by the scion of the family, Benjamin Franklin Gates, to find the treasure before his ex-friend, Ian Howe, steals and destroys the Declaration of Independence.

In the sequel to the original 2004 film, black market dealer Mitch Wilkinson locates one of the 18 missing pages of John Wilkes Booth's diary and suggests that Ben's ancestor, Thomas Gates, was a conspirator in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, so Ben sets out to prove his innocence by kidnapping the current U. President and by finding the disappeared hidden truth.

My favorites are rooftop venues like Cloud or Skye.

Young and trendy expats may prefer Safehouse, Lola or Bauhaus while rich Indonesians will hide in speakeasies like Hemingway, Monty's or Proof. Most nightclubs get busy at 1am and close after 4am.

In December 2007, before the second film was released, Nicolas Cage showed interest in doing a third film, believing it should be more international.

On March 4, 2016, The Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger responded to a question regarding the third film, saying, "We have done two, and yes they were really fine movies.

A detailed family tree is presented in the novel, Uncharted.

We now have over 60 playscripts for use in school assemblies and in the classroom.

If you are on a budget, Beer Garden is a good option. Dress codes are strictly implemented: Men should wear a shirt and women should wear high-heels.

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